Hot potato or cowardice?

As you know the Truth Will Out team, along with other bloggers, keeps an eye on those in, and those who aspire to, public office in Waltham Forest.

It seems us bloggers are needed more than ever as Waltham Forest is bereft of a challenging press.

Former Waltham Forest Liberal Democrat Councillor and now old-fashioned Liberal, James O’Rourke, recently issued a statement in response to alleged calls from Walthamstow MP, Stella Creasy, for Sharia-compliant student loans.

We are sure O’Rourke will have contacted our local press on an issue that invites undesirables, such as the EDL, to say “We told you so” yet nothing has appeared on either Waltham Forest Guardian or Yellow Advertiser web sites.

Has our society become so paranoid as to stifle public debate on matters which affects us all for fear of retribution?


3 thoughts on “Hot potato or cowardice?

  1. I don’t think Stella Creasy or anyone is calling for all loans to be Sharia-compliant (however that is achieved: I haven’t a clue, personally), and I don’t think anyone complained when Gordon Brown introduced various rule changes that made it possible for Muslims to take out mortgages in a more efficient way.
    These aren’t normally people I defend, but I believe this is a non-story, This issue is about tilting a playing-field that currently disadvantages Muslims, not about favouring them. If a Sharia loan (and I’d love an explanation of the mechanics) was more advantageous, I don’t see how it could be withheld from anyone who applied.

  2. Dear Truth Will Out…

    Could you or anyone else shed some light on the CPZ consultation? The word is (or the public belief is) that the consultation is pointless and that the decisions have already been made. These proposals will cause actual disadvantage to residents and businesses and the prevailing belief is that CPZ’s will be used as revenue-raising mechanisms.

    Declaring an interest here – I am a cyclist and non-car owner. Also thirty-year Labour voter. I am reconsidering the latter.


  3. The term “Shariah Loan” is a little misleading as it is not actually a loan. Essentially, it is a contract between the bank and an individual where they agree to co-own the property being bought. The individual has the option to buy the banks percentage of the property in instalments over a pre-defined period. Until the individual has bought ALL of the bank’s percentage a rent has to be paid to the Bank by the individual, who can live in the property but cannot sublet.

    Interest is forbidden in Islam and so the purpose of the contract is to AVOID paying interest. To the layman it may seem to be the same thing as paying interest BUT the wording of the contract is very important as it is about the purchase, renting and selling of a property rather than a loan of money and interest payments.

    Apologies for the long winded explanation and I hope I haven’t confused your readers.

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