Cutting through the politics of cuts

Tonight, in Waltham Forest Town Hall, a massive social injustice has been meted out upon the most vulnerable in our community.

The latest tranche of local Labour cuts, led by Cllr Chris ‘Strong Leader’ Robbins, will  have a negative impact on the homeless, mentally ill, disabled, elderly and vulnerable young a Council report admits after they make hundreds of support staff redundant.

Robbins and his Labour cronies argues it has no choice as the Government moves to the budget deficit quickly.

Cllrs Bob Sullivan and Matt Davies’ Coalition Government argues that the former Labour Governments mishandling of the UK’s finances has led them to inflicting cuts Mrs Thatcher ‘could only have dreamt of’.

It seems it is the task of the weakest to protect the banks, politicians, and millionaires. The rich people of the UK must NOT be made to suffer. These cuts HAD to be made and it is only fair that the weakest should suffer the most. This is the nature of our current politics: the Masses suffer so that a rich minority can prosperously live glorious lives.



Council Officers delivering political idealogy

Three Waltham Forest schools planning to take advantage of the coalition Governments Academies programme are under attack in a Council report tonight.

The eight Labour Cabinet members are directing Executive Director of Children and Young People Services, Christopher Kiernan, to write to all governing bodies urging them to “think very carefully” and “act wisely” before considering applying for the status.

First glance of the document shows what complete buffoons the senior Officer, who wrote the report, and the politician, who signed it off, are. Kiernan seems to have forgotten which politician he reports to as according to the header page Cllr Liaquat Ali is still responsible for Children’s Services.  The current politician responsible for the service, Cllr Saima Mahmud, has clearly signed the report without properly reading it.

The reports says, should the three schools become Academies, the Council will lose £2 million. What is doesn’t say is the £2 million is not lost but will go directly to the schools.

The  report also says Academies are bad as we lose money. The Council don’t want the good schools to become Academies  but suggest they might make the bad ones Academies – Doh!

The real issue is parents, head teachers and governors have lost faith in Children’s Services and are choosing Academy status as a better option than being with a directorate that bought the Councils star rating down from four to two under the tenure of Cllrs Ali and Robbins.

Questions still remain about the Independent Panel conclusions plus the Council has not shown any ability to aid schools in improving their GCSE outcomes in comparison with other boroughs.

True Labour

  • Coalition Government policies will see an estimated 1 million individuals, equally shared between the private and public sectors, condemned to unemployment in the near future. 300 to 600 (10% – 20% excluding education staff) of those job losses will be Waltham Forest Council employees.
  • Claimants of Jobseekers Allowance (JSA), who have been unemployed for more than a year, will be penalised by having  their meagre £3,403*a year cut by 10 per cent. Out of the 8913 people recorded as unemployed in Waltham Forest the number of long-term benefit claimants has increased significantly with 14.7% (1310) of all JSA claimants claiming benefit for a year or more.
  • Waltham Forest has the fifth highest unemployment figures in London.

With a direct correlation between unemployment and Child Poverty the Truth Will Out team were bemused to see how the Walthamstow village centric MP, Stella Creasy, used the opportunity given her by Channel 4. Watch her video below.

Note the venue within which the ‘interview’ took place which proudly states on its website  that “we are a member of the ‘Sustainable Restairant Association'” and where a family of four, on the minimum wage, would have to spend nearly 3.5 hours of their precious income to have breakfast.

Creasy’s ‘interviewees’ seemed to be those whose incomes far exceeds the average salary in Waltham Forest and we suspect none live in Higham Hill ward which is one of the most deprived wards in the UK and sits within the MP’s constituency.

One has to ask what the purpose of this carefully crafted video by a former professional spin-doctor was for?

It seems this is the true face of Labour – pandering to the middle class whilst those less fortunate are dumped on the scrap heap and an ambitious career politician who wants to climb the greasy poll of shadow government aided by insincere platitudes.

With the ConDems punishing the poor and Labour cosying up to the middle classes it is time to shout “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ and call for a change in our political system which represents all within our community.

* Based on a single person aged 25 or over

Coalition Government leaves Waltham Forest in a mess

Plans to replace the Edmonton waste incinerator, due to be decommissioned in 2020, have been scuppered despite the Coalition Agreement giving the ‘all clear’ to the project over the summer and saying it wanted to be the “greenest Government ever”.

It is understood the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) spent hundreds of thousands of pounds developing the project following the Government’s summer approval.

The Government’s decision to withdraw £258.4 million promised to support investment in the future waste disposal infrastructure for North London, and which would have seen 400,000 tonnes of waste diverted away from landfill, leaves local council taxpayers to pay the whole cost of the Government increases in landfill tax that it has confirmed will rise by £8 per annum to £80/tonne in 2014. Additionally, this decision sees the loss of 700 new, desperately needed, local jobs.

We all wait with bated breath to hear the thoughts of the Leaders of the Conservatives, Cllr Matt Davis and the Liberal Democrats, Cllr Bob Sullivan.

NLWA is the second largest waste authority in the country, after
Manchester, and currently deals with 3% of the country’s total
municipal waste. Members of the NLWA are Waltham Forest, Islington,
Barnet, Haringey, Hackney, Camden and Enfield.