Where there’s muck there’s brass!

Yet another publically-funded company promoting business, and with close ties to Waltham Forest Council, is accused of financial irregularities.

Belatedly, the Labour run Council has uncovered the fact that the E11 Bid had failed to disclose debts and found issues relating to the company’s governance.

Truth Will Out are not as surprised  at such revelations given who, in the past, was responsible for E11 Bid finances and may well still be?Khan

Johar Khan, alias The Scarlet Pimpernel, was/is the Finance Director of the E11 Bid.

E11 BID_KhanKhan should be comfortable in his new political home, after his successful appeal against not being approved as a local election candidate, as we are sure E11 Bids irregularities will be swept under the carpet like they have been for the Better Neighbourhood Initiative and WorkNet. Khan will join the illustrious group of Labour members who have, so far, eluded questions as to their roles in similar situations.


Wombling in Waltham Forest

Like Wombles the Waltham Forest Labour party are recycling defunct politicians by welcoming them into their fold.

The defections to Labour are not limited to Liberal Democrats. Two former Thatcherite Conservative councillors, Graham Sinclair and Lesley Finlayson, are now card carrying Red Tories.

It seems the days of politicians sticking to their principles in Waltham Forest are, well and truly, over.

An interesting theory in regards the Liberal Democrat defections has arised. Click here to find out more.