Warsi’s Farcei

Sadly, it seems the national Conservative Party co-chairman, Baroness Warsi, has been caught up in the well known, yet unspoken, corruption within Waltham Forest.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has ordered an official investigation into whether Baroness Warsi broke ministerial rules by taking a business associate Mr Abid Hussain, a relative by marriage with whom she is involved in a catering business and Waltham Forest resident on an official trip overseas.

Mr Hussain is well known to all three main political parties in Waltham Forest as he was, until recently, an ‘independent’ member of the standards panel for Waltham Forest Council –  a body charged with monitoring Councillors conduct.

Mr Hussain’s connection to all three main political parties may give some some credence to the allegation that radical Islamist’s have been infiltrating all three main parties in the hope of turning Britain into an Islamic republic.

All three main political parties are guilty of pandering to ‘ethnic votes‘ to gain power.

In Waltham Forest Mr  Hussain has links with The Scarlet Pimpernel,  the Ali dynasty and Cllr Afzal Akram.

Such allegiances need to be challenged not just nationally but within Waltham Forest – those in public service, elected or otherwise, need to represent the whole community and not just the ‘minority’!


Ali family extends their empire

Not content with building their property empire in Waltham Forest the Ali family have extended their grubby tentacles into the Councils innermost sanctums – the cabinet and the mayoralty.

One week after the inauguration of the Mayor for 2012/13  Cllr Nadeem Ali, son of Cllr Liaquat Ali, hosted a celebration of Waltham Forest’s Mayoralty in the Town Hall Council chamber. The event, filmed by an asian TV channel and posted on YouTube, shows Cllr Liaquat Ali thanking family and friends for attending.

‘Chairing’ the meeting was newly elected Mayor of Waltham Forest and first citizen, Cllr Richard Sweden, so we assumed that this event was to celebrate his coming year in office. NOT SO!!!

The event was a ‘jolly’ for the family and friends of Cllr Nadeem Ali to celebrate him being the youngest Deputy Mayor of Waltham Forest!!!

Questions need to be asked of the Councils ‘Strong Leader’ Cllr Chris Robbins including:

  • Was the Mayor used to promote Cllr Ali and Cllr Ali who are known to be business men in area?
  • Was this an official Council sanctioned event?
  • Who paid for this event to glorify Cllr Nadeem Ali?
  • Were refreshments provided?
    • If so, who provided and paid for them?

Such narcissistic abuse of public facilities by Labour Councillors needs to be challenged.

If anyone can answer our questions please come forward with information.

Note: Brother of Liaquat  and uncle of Nadeem sits in his grey suit directly in front of Mayor, Cllr Richard Sweden.

Reward for failure

In a recent article we covered the publication of a damning Ofsted report which stated that vulnerable children in Waltham Forest have been put at risk due to council failures.

As a consequence the two senior Council Officers responsible swiftly ‘left’ their jobs no doubt with the blessings of the Labour Party and a large golden handshake.

Failure is almost always punished in real sports; in the shameless sport of politics, it is often no impediment.

Jon Ralston 

The latest example in Waltham Forest is the announcement that two fairly inept and failing Councillors have swapped jobs.

We agree with Archipelago of Truth that this shows (forgive us for another sporting analogy!) the strength in depth of the Labour team – or more accurately the lack of it!

But is this the entire story?

Why is Cllr Saima Mahmud still in the cabinet following her spectacular failure as Cabinet Member for Children and Young People? Could it be that her father has significant influence in the Waltham Forest Labour Party both financially and otherwise?

So what of Cllr Marie Pye who is no stranger to controversy? This is the Councillor who represents Waltham Forest Council on the London & Quadrant Housing Trust – Regional Committee and supports their plans for ‘The Stow’ and has her red sofa transported around the borough, at our expense, even though rumour has it she is not registered as disabled.

It seems if you are connected to the Waltham Forest Labour Party failure is an option; and can be well rewarded!

Council’s Legal Eagle flys away

Waltham Forest Council’s Director of Governance and Law, Terry Osborne, is leaving to take another job after a mere eighteen months in post.

It seems Ms Osborne will not be missed as it is rumoured she was not well liked because of her over zealous behaviour.

We are led to believe an example of such behaviour was when Ms Osbourne threatened former councillor, James O’Rourke, with the Standards Board after he wrote an article on his blog entitled  ‘Council Cowardice’ just before the 2010 local elections. The on-line Waltham Forest Guardian picked the story up but then quickly dropped it before Mr O’Rourke’s article was also removed. Thankfully Mr O’Rourke’s article was copied by a regular contributer to this site, Nick Tiratsoo – click here to read it.

We understand that a comprehensive multi-agency enforcement operation,  relating to thirty flats built without planning permission in Walthamstow was called off at very short notice before the 2010 elections, apparently because Ms Osbourne thought it might be overly political –  ‘purdah’.

Disgracefully, sixteen months after Ms Osbornes ‘political concerns’ there has still been no action against those who built and currently rent out the thirty illegal flats. Interestingly, there has been no official comments from two High Street Councillors who are prominent in the housing market in the area

Inside ilegal flats

Cllr Liaquat Ali who is reputed to have a significant portfolio of ‘legitimate’ property in High Street ward and whose business premises, in St James Street, backs on to the illegal flats.

Cllr Mahmood Hussain whose business is in Hoe Street and has a significant rental portfolio in High Street ward

We sincerely hope that the ‘political concerns’ did not relate to rumours circulating that one or both of the above councillors have a connection to these illegal and unsafe buildings. We agree with Nick Tiratsoo’s comments, on one of our previous articles, that this matter “surely needs investigation.”

Ms Osbourne is not unfamiliar with controversy so we wish her future employers the best of luck.

Perception of Waltham Forest

The adage of “Any press is good press” sadly does not reflect how Waltham Forest is being perceived by the rest of the United Kingdom at the moment.

A woman is refused entry to a ‘Community Summer fete’ as she was inappropriately dressed.

Could this be the thin end of a wedge where one group of Muslims enforce their view of Islamic rules/rituals/laws on Muslims and non-Muslims alike?

  • Was this a Community or private event?
  • Did the Council agree to Noor Ul Islam’s ‘dress code’ on public land?
  • How much did  Noor Ul Islam pay to hire this public area?
  • Did the Council contribute to the cost of the event?

Insurers are forcing Walthamstow residents to pay a premium on their home insurance due to a perceived threat of terrorism.                           

Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy is absolutely right to say “To exploit the sensitive and serious issue of terrorism in this way is insulting to our community and an inadequate reason for adding an extra £68 on to their (insurers) fees.”

  • However, what is she, and her Labour Councillor colleagues, doing to counteract this perception of our borough?

Both of these issues raise serious questions about community cohesion in Waltham Forest. So what has the Labour Councillor, Cllr Liaquat Ali – Portfolio Lead for Community Safety and Cohesion, said or done? To date nothing. It seems he is more interested in collecting titles and getting easy money from council tax payers.

Cllr Ali must be challenged to do the job he is paid for both from within his Party and externally.

We won’t expect Cllr Chris ‘Strong Leader’ Robbins to do anything as it is strongly rumoured his leadership depends on Cllr Ali’s support. Simples!

Free radicals prescriptive laws

Later this month Waltham Forest will witness the juxtaposition of different cultures according to a national newspaper.

Protected by national and international laws ‘hardcore Islamists’ are to set up Sharia law enforcement zones within which gambling, smoking, alcohol and free mixing between the sexes (“…the fruits of Western civilisation”) would be strictly prohibited. These areas would then be policed by “Sharia cops”.

According to The Daily Star, the move will see specific areas, including Walthamstow and Leyton, flooded with thousands of posters & stickers saying, “no gambling”, “no music or concerts”, “no porn or prostitution” and “no drugs or smoking” as an alternative to government attempts to combat violent extremism under the Prevent strategy.

We await to hear what plans Cllr Liaquat Ali, Labour Cabinet member whose responsibilities include implementation of the Councils Prevent Strategy, has to ensure members of the public rights are not infringed by this proposed action.

Lib Dem Farid Ahmed, well known for having a sneaky fag and pint in the Nags Head in Walthamstow village, may wish to stay in his home borough of Redbridge to avoid falling foul of having his collar felt by the “Sharia cops”.

MA becomes MBE

A Waltham Forest Councillor has been included on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Cllr Liaquat Ali, affectionately linked to the Meerkat television advert, has  been made a member of the British Empire (MBE) for services to local government.

According to a government website “Anyone can be nominated, but only exceptional people are honoured.”

So what’s so exceptional about Cllr Ali?

Well, Cllr Ali  is exceptional in his his ability to rack up allowances from public bodies, avoid legal action and wheedle himself into positions of power without any demonstrable abilities.

It seems to receive an honor from the Queen now only requires the personal attribution of being….simples!!!