Where there’s muck there’s brass!

Yet another publically-funded company promoting business, and with close ties to Waltham Forest Council, is accused of financial irregularities.

Belatedly, the Labour run Council has uncovered the fact that the E11 Bid had failed to disclose debts and found issues relating to the company’s governance.

Truth Will Out are not as surprised  at such revelations given who, in the past, was responsible for E11 Bid finances and may well still be?Khan

Johar Khan, alias The Scarlet Pimpernel, was/is the Finance Director of the E11 Bid.

E11 BID_KhanKhan should be comfortable in his new political home, after his successful appeal against not being approved as a local election candidate, as we are sure E11 Bids irregularities will be swept under the carpet like they have been for the Better Neighbourhood Initiative and WorkNet. Khan will join the illustrious group of Labour members who have, so far, eluded questions as to their roles in similar situations.


Blind leading the Blind

A senior Council officer responsible for the Lloyd Park debacle has been tasked with bailing out a local development charity, O-Regen, after it got itself into serious financial difficulties.

Clive Morton

Head of Cultural Services and former Labour Leader of Waltham Forest Council, Clive Morton, has been tasked with investigating how and why O-Regen has consistently made losses over the last five years.

O-Regen’s financial history can be seen here and shows the accumulative loss over the last five years as £1,621,728.

O-Regen’s Board of Trustees consists of three Waltham Forest Councillors and its chair is Leader of the Waltham Forest Conservatives, Cllr Matt Davis.

Interestingly, earlier this year Cllr Davis demanded that the council must “get real” about costs and “If something is going to cost a certain amount of money, that’s how much you should budget for.”

With Cllr Davies’ leadership acumen, Cllr Terry Wheeler’s regeneration expertise and Clive Morton’s financial acumen we are sure O-Regen is in capable hands.

Cutting through the politics of cuts

Tonight, in Waltham Forest Town Hall, a massive social injustice has been meted out upon the most vulnerable in our community.

The latest tranche of local Labour cuts, led by Cllr Chris ‘Strong Leader’ Robbins, will  have a negative impact on the homeless, mentally ill, disabled, elderly and vulnerable young a Council report admits after they make hundreds of support staff redundant.

Robbins and his Labour cronies argues it has no choice as the Government moves to the budget deficit quickly.

Cllrs Bob Sullivan and Matt Davies’ Coalition Government argues that the former Labour Governments mishandling of the UK’s finances has led them to inflicting cuts Mrs Thatcher ‘could only have dreamt of’.

It seems it is the task of the weakest to protect the banks, politicians, and millionaires. The rich people of the UK must NOT be made to suffer. These cuts HAD to be made and it is only fair that the weakest should suffer the most. This is the nature of our current politics: the Masses suffer so that a rich minority can prosperously live glorious lives.


Disgraceful Silence is Deafening

Today’s funeral for Constable Ronan Kerr brought former enemies together united in their condemnation of the cowardly IRA dissidents who murdered him last Saturday.

Political and religious leaders from across Ireland, including Martin McGuinness, the Catholic deputy leader of Northern Ireland’s government and a former Irish Republican Army (IRA) commander, attended the funeral. This coming together of former waring factions sends the cowardly dissidents a clear message that their campaign to intimidate members of Northern Ireland’s Irish Catholic minority from joining the police is futile.

What a disgrace then that political and religious leaders in Waltham Forest have been totally silent about the death threats a Leyton Imam, Dr Shykh Usama Hasan, received  following a debate he held on Islam and evolution.

Three weeks ago the Truth Will Out Team wrote to all 60 Waltham Forest Councillors asking they confirm their support for the Leyton Imam and that they support the call for the state to take action to protect Dr Shaykh Usama Hasan and take action against those who threaten him with harm.

We have received two responses – one from a Conservative sneering at our wish to remain anonymous (for the time being) and a Labour cabinet member who admitted that “… I had not heard about the threats against Shaykh Usama Hasan until you brought this to my attention.” No response from the defunct and mortally wounded Liberal Democrats.

We are astounded by the lack of response and particularly the Labour cabinet members ignorance of this serious matter particularly given they come from the same community as Dr Shaykh Usama Hasan!!!

Waltham Forest political and religious leaders should show the same resolve and commitment as their Northern Ireland colleagues in standing up to violence and threats of violence against those who hold legitimate views.  If they are unable or unwilling to do so they should stand aside.