Walthamstow’s Losers


Walthamstow’s MP, Stella Creasy, appears not to be as popular as her PR machine indicates.

Not only has she been overlooked by Labour leader Ed Milliband but her local constituency party is rumoured to have chosen Johar Khan (Scarlet Pimpernel) to represent Markhouse Ward.

This is the same Mr Khan who, as Chair of Walthamstow Lib Dems, spearheadedScarlet Pimpernel the unpleasant anti Labour literature campaign in the 2010 local elections. We are not able to confirm right now who has been de-selected to make way for Mr Khan; but de-selections are not unfamiliar to him . Leading up to the 2010 local elections he was instrumental in the de-selection of then fellow existing Lib Dem councillors.Khan_reward

In 2010 Mr Khan as Chair of Walthamstow Lib Dems sanctioned the delivery of over 250,000 leaflets. Rumours remain the election expectations he signed off did not comply with financial constraints!


L & Q Wins Race

Walthamstow Assembly Hall played host to a special Planning Committee tonight with celebrity racing pundit, John McCririck, joining hundreds of local residents and Save Our Stow campaigners to oppose London & Quadrant’s proposals.

After a tortuous four hours the four Labour Councillors (Cllr Pete Barnett, Cllr Jenny Gray, Cllr Ebony Vincent & Cllr Asim Mahmood) outvoted the two Conservatives (Cllr Alan Siggers & Cllr Ed Northover) and the solitary Lib Dem (Cllr Liz Phillips) giving L & Q the go ahead for their ludicrous scheme which does not meet any of the Councils own targets. Interestingly, it was noted that Cllrs Gray, Vincent and Mahmood needed to take their cue when voting from Chair Cllr Pete Barnett who in turn kept looking towards the Councillor formerly responsible for housing and planning, Cllr Marie Pye, who was in the audience.

The standard of the debate from those opposing L & Q’s plans was extremely high. Not so from the highly paid L & Q staff (who described their organisation as a charity) nor, bar one, Waltham Forest’s elected Councillors!

The merits for and against this development can be easily found elsewhere.

We are more interested in the fact that democracy had been given short shrift tonight by an ‘accountable’ charitable and our Labour run Council whose political interests are more important than that of the community it supposedly serves.

We understand that an irate Labour supporter challenged Cllr Pete Barnett to resign so as they could both contest the seat in a by-election. Cllr Pete Barnett is reported to have replied “You can challenge me in 2014”. (Privately, it is rumoured that Cllr Barnett and his partner Cllr Angie Bean will not be standing for election in 2014).

Sadly, Waltham Forest is now being run by a Labour Party clique who lacks vision and has lost contact with its own supporters and residents. The opposition….what opposition!!!

Waltham Forest’s residents need to challenge the political incestuous allegiances by either putting up or supporting candidates in the 2014 local elections who will put community first.

Sound of silence

Only a year ago local newspaper comments pages, bloggers (many suspected to be Labour supporters) and Labour leaflets were attacking the man responsible for our streets, former Lib Dem Cllr Bob Belam, for the alleged poor refuse collection and street sweeping services. Strangely, even the Lib Dems in Walthamstow, spearheaded by Parliamentary candidate, Farid Ahmed, were calling for Cleaner Streets in their campaign literature.

So, how are things going now under the ‘leadership’ of  the current incumbent responsible for these services –  Cllr Clyde Loakes?

Labour's overflowing bins

Well, the Truth will Out Team can report that, under Labour, our streets are not clean and a bit of snow has seen refuse bins overflowing as the Council alleges they were unable to carry out collections due to “…last week’s severe weather conditions…”!!! Interesting the Council were unable to collect bins whilst dfs were able to deliver a three piece suite to one of the Truth Will Out team last week.

No bloggers complaining of dirty streets and overflowing bins. No Lib Dems calling for cleaner streets.

The silence is deafening.

Lib Dems finally crawl out from under stone

New Liberal Democrat Councillor, Mahmood Hussain, has finally made contact with his electorate seven months after the May local elections and 2 months after his position as the elected representative for High Street ward was confirmed following a recount by the Royal Courts of Justice.

This is news worthy of commenting on but the Truth Will Out team will leave you to read an article, which we have to admit, we could not have written better. Click here to read what Archipelago of Truth (technomist) has to say.

Baton of incompetence passed on

Today Waltham Forest Guardian reports on a joint statement, made earlier today, from St Modwen Properties Plc and Waltham Forest Council saying they had agreed to end, by mutual consent, their partnership to develop the Arcade site at the top of Walthamstow market.

Yet the Truth Will Out team cannot find such a statement on the Councils website.

Over the last 10 years or more successive Labour politicians from Simon Wright to Cllr Terry Wheeler and now the Council’s glorious ‘strong’ leader, Cllr Chris Robbins have spectacularly lurched from failure to incompetence in delivering their ‘vision’ for this small but strategic site.

In what seems an act of desperation Cllr Robbins announces that his new preferred option is to approach the Council’s Registered Social Landlord development partners to gauge their interest in helping deliver a scheme. This from the man who is leading our Council and has his finger on the political pulse!

How will  Registered Social Landlord’s like London & Quadrant, who own Walthamstow Dog Track (The Stow) and do not have the money to develop it, be able to develop on the Arcade site when the coalition Government has slashed the budget for new social housing by 60% over four years?

If this ‘vision’ fails then there is always the option of the Council borrowing  £35m to “…enable the new development” whilst cutting £65m from the Councils budget!!!

It seems the regeneration baton has been handed from one incompetent politician to another. Well at least, unlike the GB 400m relay team, they haven’t dropped the baton of incompetence!

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Rumours have reached the Truth Will Out Team that former High Street Councillor and chair of Walthamstow Liberal Democrats constituency party, Johar Khan, has been in secret defection talks with the Waltham Forest Labour Party.

It seems senior Councillor sources within the Labour Party have confirmed that talks had taken place and that Labour members were divided as to whether or not Khan should be welcomed into the fold.

Khan seems to be playing both sides as he was recently seen with the octogenarian window cleaning millionaire, vice chair of the Walthamstow Liberal Democrats constituency party and former councillor, Bob Wheatley, at a Mayoral dinner.

Khan's Car

Khan, who drives around in his black Mercedes with personal number plates (CIIR JO) and continues to purport to be a councillor on a website, seems to be in a bit of a dilemma as to where his loyalties lay – to defect to the ruling Labour Party and the chance of power or stay with the local Lib Dems who will, it is rumoured, be a significant beneficiary of Mr Wheatley’s will.

Khan has always had delusions of grandeur yet is in denial as to his role in the downfall of the Liberal Democrats in Walthamstow and Waltham Forest.

We will all recall that Khan and Wheatley were instrumental in deselecting three senior Liberal Democrats before the May elections for their alleged disloyalty.

Wonder how the Walthamstow Liberal Democrat constituency party will deal with Khan’s disloyalty?

Library to be sold – Electoral fraud?

In the weeks leading up to the local elections, last May, Labour candidates, Liaquat Ali, Clare Coghill and Steve Terry assured residents in the Coppermill Lane area (High Street Ward) that they would ensure the former St James Street Library is preserved for community use in exchange for their votes.

Five months on Waltham Forest’s Labour Council have written to residents saying:

The property is surplus to the council’s requirements and its disposal has been approved.

The Truth Will Out team have a simple message

Beware politicians bearing electoral promises

…or better still

Breach of promise is a base surrender of truth – Mohandas Gandhi.