Democrat becomes Liberal

A former Waltham Forest Councillor exiled from the Liberal Democrats for speaking out against alleged corruption and racism is standing in the forthcoming by-election in Larkswood ward.

James O’Rourke has thrown his hat into the ring as an old-fashioned Liberal. Whilst we, and others, are encouraged to hear of his return, we thought the negative impact of The Scarlet Pimpernel would have discouraged Mr O’Rourke from returning to politics for life!

However, we wholeheartedly agree with Archipelago of Truth that Mr O’Rourke was a “…hard-working, case-working councillor when he was the representative for the High Street ward” and that by standing as a Liberal Party candidate it “…is the closest thing … to standing as an Independent without actually taking the plunge.”

Realistically, Mr O’Rourke is not going to beat the Conservatives on their ‘home turf’ but we wish him all the very best in dramatically reducing their majority and seeing off the other pretenders.


Wound publicly opened

The announcement of two, so called high-profile, Liberal Democrats defecting to the Labour party seems to have opened a deep political wound Cllr Bob Sullivan would have rather festered in private.

In response to the Waltham Forest Guardian’s website article former councillor, James O’Rourke, says of his former ‘colleague’, The Scarlet Pimpernel, whose defection we predicted seven months ago:

The irony of Khan’s defection is not lost on me given that he and his lemming cronies – Wheatley, Ahmed, Hussain, Meiszner et al – kicked me out of the Liberal Democrats last June for speaking out against their ‘questionable practices’ of deselecting three prominent and competent sitting Councillors in favour of a candidate who had not been approved for a target seat.


As for Khan’s statement that “will continue to work for our community in Waltham Forest” I wish the Labour party the best of luck. When he and I were Councillors in High Street ward he did sod all.

Cllr Sullivan is clearly (we understand one of Keith Rayner’s favorite words!) in denial. There are likely to be more defections to Labour because stronger rumours continue to circulate that two of Cllr Sullivan’s councillor colleagues are still in talks with the Labour party – one of whom was the running mate of Khan and O’Rourke in the May 2010 local elections.

It seems the Liberal Democrats are in free-fall, both locally and nationally, without parachutes!

I’ll have a Number 2

How fitting that the Walthamstow Liberal Democrats are asking people to vote Yes, in the forthcoming Alternative Vote (AV) referendum on 5th May, in a Focus that resembles a take away leaflet.

The garish leaflet outlines the “miserable little compromise” the Liberal Democats have ‘forced’ from the Tories.

Like a take way you can place your order according to one’s preference. It could be the Lib Dems will be deluged with No 2’s!

The leaflet shines a lot of light on how the Walthamstow Lib  Dems are recovering from the loss of eight Councillors in the May 2010 local elections.

  • Former Councillor, Bob Wheatley, has abandoned William Morris ward
  • They only have enough people to concentrate on 3 of the 8 Walthamstow wards
  • Former Councillor and Constituency chair, Johar Khan, is not listed following his defection to the Labour Party.

Plague of the Lib Dem rats

It seems Lib Dems throughout the country, particularly those facing local elections this May, are bailing out of the Party.

The strong rumours, recently reported on this site, of Lib Dem Councillors in talks with the Labour Party have been strongly denied by their ‘Leader’, Cllr Bob Sullivan. So far three Lib Dem Councillors have denied bailing out. That still leaves the other three.

As for Khan and Rayner the picture below says it all!

Shape-shifting Liberal Democrats

Waltham Forest Liberal Democrats mortally wounded by the shenanigans of the Scarlet Pimpernel and his Walthamstow cronies have been dealt another blow.

A seperate senior Labour source has confirmed that the former Liberal Democrat leader, Keith Rayner, and his side kick, Johar Khan, have officially joined the Labour Party in Waltham Forest.

Although yet to be substantiated it is also rumoured that two current Liberal Democrat Councillors are in secret talks with the Labour Party.

It seems the Waltham Forest Liberal Democrats are experiencing the same fate awaiting the national Party in 2015, but somewhat earlier – extinction.

The Art of Misdirection

Since the revelation that fraud had occurred in the handling of money intended for Waltham Forest’s poorest areas the Council’s most senior legal Officer, Terry Osbourne, has issued a statement saying appears to me that there may have been an error in the minutes produced in relation to the discussion at the committee

Whilst Ms Osbourne admits that the word ‘fraud’ was written by the committee clerk in their notebook she goes on to say that

I am satisfied that this word cannot be attributed to Ray (Head of Audit) in the way it appears in the minutes

The Truth Will Out team will happily suspend disbelief when a magician says he’ll saw a woman in half. That’s entertainment. But when Ms Osbourne says the minutes probably do not accurately reflect what was said, it’s not entertaining; its bordering on criminal.

The key word for us is probably. As a lawyer, is Ms Osbourne covering hers and the Councils back in case there is a challenge? Why would Waltham Forest Guardian print a quote from the Head of Audit as if one of their reporters had attended the meeting?

The key to magic is misdirection, fooling the audience into looking in the wrong direction.

Even stalwart anti-fraud campaigner, Nick Tiratsoo, says he has been assured that members of the committee do not recall hearing the word ‘fraud’ used as it is recorded in the minutes and that it was a transcription error.

This episode led us to consider on what other occasions misdirection has or is being used.

This time last year the Liberal Democrats self-destructed after the de-selection of prominent senior councillors. At the time The Scarlet Pimpernel said that a certain Mr Saeed Diwan had been selected as part of a fair process.

Recently the Liberal Democrats delivered a Focus team calendar in Chapel End ward. No mention of Mr Diwan who, less than a year ago, apparently said he was best placed to be a Chapel End Councillor because the ward is diverse and that he funded the Hoe Street Lib Dem shop! Mr Diwan and his conies contributed to the ousting of long serving Liberal Democrats who, according to the figures, would have been returned as Councillors, albeit on a reduced majority.

So what of the present? Well, it’s the Lib Dems who continue to misdirect the residents of Walthamstow.

Defunct ex-councillors, Khan, Meiszner, Smith, Wheatley and Woollcott still, almost a year after the local elections, purport to be Councillors of the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

The Truth Will Out team have drawn this deception to the the Council’s Director of Governance & Law, Terry Osbourne.

Lib Dems finally crawl out from under stone

New Liberal Democrat Councillor, Mahmood Hussain, has finally made contact with his electorate seven months after the May local elections and 2 months after his position as the elected representative for High Street ward was confirmed following a recount by the Royal Courts of Justice.

This is news worthy of commenting on but the Truth Will Out team will leave you to read an article, which we have to admit, we could not have written better. Click here to read what Archipelago of Truth (technomist) has to say.