Labour in ‘crisis’ over democracy

Waltham Forest Labour Party was pushed to ‘the brink of crisis’ this week when the Leyton and Wanstead Constituency Party passed a motion demanding a rethink of a proposal to ditch Community Councils in favour of smaller ward-based meetings. It is understood the main dissidents included¬†Councillors Highfield, Russell and Wheeler.

Unsurprisingly, it seems Cllrs Loakes, Pye, and Robbins, who are members of the Leyton and Wanstead Constituency Labour Party, are out of touch with their grass-roots. So what hope for the helpless souls they represent?

It’s doubtful this row is keeping the Labour leader, Cllr Chris Robbins, awake at night given that only eight people (Cabinet) have ultimate power whilst the other 52 councillors seem to be little more than passengers in this political game. And as for the electorate!?

One has to ask whether Cllr Robbins was at the Leyton and Wanstead Constituency Party meeting given he has not bothered to attend his local Community Council for quite some time. This ‘self-induced home grown disaster’ demonstrates senior Labour Party members’ arrogance.

Surely there is a better form of governance for Waltham Forest?