Compare the Liaquat

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We await Cllr Ali’s next intervention in regards the EMD in the lead up to the 2014 local elections!

More on the EMD to follow.


I’ll have a Number 2

How fitting that the Walthamstow Liberal Democrats are asking people to vote Yes, in the forthcoming Alternative Vote (AV) referendum on 5th May, in a Focus that resembles a take away leaflet.

The garish leaflet outlines the “miserable little compromise” the Liberal Democats have ‘forced’ from the Tories.

Like a take way you can place your order according to one’s preference. It could be the Lib Dems will be deluged with No 2’s!

The leaflet shines a lot of light on how the Walthamstow Lib  Dems are recovering from the loss of eight Councillors in the May 2010 local elections.

  • Former Councillor, Bob Wheatley, has abandoned William Morris ward
  • They only have enough people to concentrate on 3 of the 8 Walthamstow wards
  • Former Councillor and Constituency chair, Johar Khan, is not listed following his defection to the Labour Party.

Lib Dems finally crawl out from under stone

New Liberal Democrat Councillor, Mahmood Hussain, has finally made contact with his electorate seven months after the May local elections and 2 months after his position as the elected representative for High Street ward was confirmed following a recount by the Royal Courts of Justice.

This is news worthy of commenting on but the Truth Will Out team will leave you to read an article, which we have to admit, we could not have written better. Click here to read what Archipelago of Truth (technomist) has to say.