Once Upon a Time…

…at the beginning of this year Waltham Forest’s Head of Communications was summoned to a meeting to discuss her redundancy.

Suddenly, the Labour Party casts a spell, ‘Evanesco’, and the meeting is transformed into an interview for the post of Assistant Director of Strategy and Communications.

The only  ‘candidate’, Kathryn Myers, was given the job which attracted a salary between £71,000 and £127,000 a year.

Even the Conservative leader, Cllr Matt Davis, was subjected to Labour’s ‘Stupefy‘ spell as he was on the ‘interview’ panel.

7 months later we hear Kathryn Myers took voluntary redundancy as part of the authority’s restructuring plans earlier this month.

It seems the Labour Party looks after its own. By promoting Myers from Head of Communications to  Assistant Director of Strategy and Communications her redundancy package must of improved dramatically.

To add insult to injury it is alleged that the council is planning to give senior officers pay rises while cutting the wages of its lowest paid staff.

There are two things that spring to mind

  1. An once of hypocrisy is worth a pound of ambition (in this case literally)
  2. Waltham Forest needs strong and competent opposition to challenge Labour’s excesses.

Jobs for the Girls

A senior Council contact has confirmed that an ‘interview panel’, consisting of senior Labour and Conservative Councillors, appointed a new Assistant Director without going through any external advertising process.

Only one internal ‘candidate’, Kathryn Myers, was interviewed for the post of Assistant Director for Strategy and Communications which will attract a salary somewhere between £71,000 and £127,000 a year.

The former Head of Council spin now has responsibilities which include ensuring the Labour administration is adequately scrutinised!

Whilst Ms Myers enjoys the patronage of the Labour administration, the fourth round of job cuts, nearly 600, has been proposed with more job cuts in the pipeline as part of a fifth phase .

The Truth Will Out Team is sickened by this Labour administration’s actions of not choosing to test the market either in terms of talented people, to establish the market rate for the job or comply with the Councils Equalities Policy whilst they sack hundreds of people who would be happy to earn in a month what Ms Myers will earn in a week.