It’s Happening Here…NOT!

Labour Councillors, Karen Bellamy and Khevyn Limbajee, will in next weeks last full Council meeting of 2010 demand why “The local Liberal Democrat Party…are …opposing a major investment opportunity for Drapers Field that will lead to better sports and recreational facilities for all.”

What is this fantastic opportunity the Libs Dems are being accused of being against? Is it the proposal by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) in their London 2012 Olympic Park Master Plan that

Existing play areas at Drapers Field are to be upgraded to provide training and warm-up facilities during the Games and a legacy sports centre for local users after they have finished?

The Waltham Forest Labour Party has agreed to lease Drapers Field to the Olympic Delivery Authority to house catering, laundry and delivery services, as well as general maintenance support which will mean this well used sports field will close to the public for 18 months as from January 2011.

Way back in 2008 the ODA invested £4.5 million in the Redbridge Cycle Centre replacing the old Eastway Cycle Circuit which was right on Waltham Forest’s southern boundary.

The British Olympic diving team have expressed an interest in using the Olympic diving pool opened earlier this year in Southend for training in the run up to the London games.

Waltham Forest’s ‘visionaries‘ Cllr Clyde (It’s happening here) Loakes and Cllr Chris Robbins have negotiated for a perfectly good sports field to be ripped up and used as a laundry. As for sporting legacy’s they are undefined and in the case of Drapers Field, will be not be available until at least early 2013!