L & Q Wins Race

Walthamstow Assembly Hall played host to a special Planning Committee tonight with celebrity racing pundit, John McCririck, joining hundreds of local residents and Save Our Stow campaigners to oppose London & Quadrant’s proposals.

After a tortuous four hours the four Labour Councillors (Cllr Pete Barnett, Cllr Jenny Gray, Cllr Ebony Vincent & Cllr Asim Mahmood) outvoted the two Conservatives (Cllr Alan Siggers & Cllr Ed Northover) and the solitary Lib Dem (Cllr Liz Phillips) giving L & Q the go ahead for their ludicrous scheme which does not meet any of the Councils own targets. Interestingly, it was noted that Cllrs Gray, Vincent and Mahmood needed to take their cue when voting from Chair Cllr Pete Barnett who in turn kept looking towards the Councillor formerly responsible for housing and planning, Cllr Marie Pye, who was in the audience.

The standard of the debate from those opposing L & Q’s plans was extremely high. Not so from the highly paid L & Q staff (who described their organisation as a charity) nor, bar one, Waltham Forest’s elected Councillors!

The merits for and against this development can be easily found elsewhere.

We are more interested in the fact that democracy had been given short shrift tonight by an ‘accountable’ charitable and our Labour run Council whose political interests are more important than that of the community it supposedly serves.

We understand that an irate Labour supporter challenged Cllr Pete Barnett to resign so as they could both contest the seat in a by-election. Cllr Pete Barnett is reported to have replied “You can challenge me in 2014”. (Privately, it is rumoured that Cllr Barnett and his partner Cllr Angie Bean will not be standing for election in 2014).

Sadly, Waltham Forest is now being run by a Labour Party clique who lacks vision and has lost contact with its own supporters and residents. The opposition….what opposition!!!

Waltham Forest’s residents need to challenge the political incestuous allegiances by either putting up or supporting candidates in the 2014 local elections who will put community first.


Plague of the Lib Dem rats

It seems Lib Dems throughout the country, particularly those facing local elections this May, are bailing out of the Party.

The strong rumours, recently reported on this site, of Lib Dem Councillors in talks with the Labour Party have been strongly denied by their ‘Leader’, Cllr Bob Sullivan. So far three Lib Dem Councillors have denied bailing out. That still leaves the other three.

As for Khan and Rayner the picture below says it all!

Olympic fortress on Wanstead Flats

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) have submitted a planning application to build a temporary Olympics headquarters on Wanstead Flats which falls within the boundary of the London Borough of Redbridge.

It is understood the facility will house thousands of police officers, 375 vehicles, around 54 horses and police dogs.

To ensure the application is successful the MPA is seeking to amend the Epping Forest Act of 1878, which enshrines in Law that the Corporation of London “shall at all times keep Epping Forest unenclosed and unbuilt on as an open space for the recreation and enjoyment of the people”.

Wanstead Flats is surrounded by three London Boroughs – Newham, Redbridge and Waltham Forest.

Redbridge residents have set up the ‘Save Wanstead Flats‘ campaign after their Council announced, earlier this month, that it intended to only carry out the bare minimum of its statutory responsibilities in relation to the planning consultation for the MPAs plans.

A letter from the Mayor of Newham’s office (Sir Robin Wales) to a member of the Save Wanstead Flats campaign states:

We have advised Redbridge that in our opinion the correct consultation procedures have not been followed and all affected Newham residents should have been sent a formal notification letter in the same way that residents in Redbridge have been.

So what of Waltham Forest and in particular the Councillors who represent Cann Hall ward which borders Wanstead Flats? Click here to see what the Lib Dem Councillor, Liz Phillips, has to say and the Truth Will Out team cannot find any evidence of the Labour Councillors, Tunde Davies and Nicholas Russell, having raised concerns either.

Ironically, Cllr Phillips and her colleagues are campaigning to stop the Olympic Delivery Authority and the Waltham Forest Labour Party from ripping up a perfectly good sports field to house catering, laundry and delivery services.

It seems Wanstead Flats is irrelevant and Waltham Forest residents are not important enough to be consulted about a proposed fortress on their doorstep.