Stupid stunts

It seems not a week goes by without a PR stunt from members of Waltham Forest’s Labour administration.

The latest wheeze (forgive us for the carbon emissions pun) involved Loakes the Joke parading 15 trucks full of fly-tipped rubbish in Walthamstow Town Square earlier this week in the hope it would shock people into “thinking twice” about dumping waste in the streets. Even the Waltham Forest Guardian described this act as an unashamed stunt.

The Truth Will Out team agree with the many angry bloggers that Loakes and his Labour cronies have abused taxpayers’ money with this blatantly political stunt. Loakes should spend more time catching the fly-tippers and clearing up our streets, and less time using unwitting council officers to further his Party’s interests.

This stunt clearly demonstrates Labour’s facetious governance style and is an illustration of their commitment to spin over substance.