Beer and Sandwiches

In the days when the big unions wielded vast power union bosses would routinely pop round to Number 10 for “beer and sandwiches” – which meant the said leaders showing up at Downing Street to discuss what it would take to persuade them not to go on strike, and being plied with the afore mentioned refreshments by a Labour prime minister reduced to the proprietor of a seedy pub, with the cabinet as his bar maids.

While Cllr Chris ‘Strong Leader’ Robbins and Cllr Afzal Akram are sacking thousands of front line staff, which a Council report admits will have a negative impact on the homeless, mentally ill, disabled, elderly and vulnerable young people, not a lot seems to have changed in the Waltham Forest Labour party other than the  “beer and sandwiches” have been substituted for hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money subsidising their union comrades.

This is not surprising given our ‘strong leaders ‘connection to unions as stated in his biography.

Prior to being elected to the Council, Chris worked in the trade union movement for 27 years – fighting against low pay, workplace injustice and unemployment!!!

If the unions want representatives then they, and not the vulnerable or us taxpayers, should pay for them.

Whilst this Labour administration does what it likes the Tories and whats left of the Liberal Democrats are silent.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – Waltham Forest needs and deserves Councillors who will represent the whole of our community and not just interest groups. If they are unable or unwilling to do so they should stand aside.


True Labour

  • Coalition Government policies will see an estimated 1 million individuals, equally shared between the private and public sectors, condemned to unemployment in the near future. 300 to 600 (10% – 20% excluding education staff) of those job losses will be Waltham Forest Council employees.
  • Claimants of Jobseekers Allowance (JSA), who have been unemployed for more than a year, will be penalised by having  their meagre £3,403*a year cut by 10 per cent. Out of the 8913 people recorded as unemployed in Waltham Forest the number of long-term benefit claimants has increased significantly with 14.7% (1310) of all JSA claimants claiming benefit for a year or more.
  • Waltham Forest has the fifth highest unemployment figures in London.

With a direct correlation between unemployment and Child Poverty the Truth Will Out team were bemused to see how the Walthamstow village centric MP, Stella Creasy, used the opportunity given her by Channel 4. Watch her video below.

Note the venue within which the ‘interview’ took place which proudly states on its website  that “we are a member of the ‘Sustainable Restairant Association'” and where a family of four, on the minimum wage, would have to spend nearly 3.5 hours of their precious income to have breakfast.

Creasy’s ‘interviewees’ seemed to be those whose incomes far exceeds the average salary in Waltham Forest and we suspect none live in Higham Hill ward which is one of the most deprived wards in the UK and sits within the MP’s constituency.

One has to ask what the purpose of this carefully crafted video by a former professional spin-doctor was for?

It seems this is the true face of Labour – pandering to the middle class whilst those less fortunate are dumped on the scrap heap and an ambitious career politician who wants to climb the greasy poll of shadow government aided by insincere platitudes.

With the ConDems punishing the poor and Labour cosying up to the middle classes it is time to shout “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ and call for a change in our political system which represents all within our community.

* Based on a single person aged 25 or over